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merideth bray carballal


My artwork primarily consists of contemporary acrylic and mixed media painting on canvas, which I typically combine with a plethora of texture mediums. My work can best be described as distressed, detailed, textured, super textured. I firmly believe there's no such thing as too much texture. My materials of choice include various crackle pastes, all degrees of molding pastes, gouache, wax, ink, and fluid acrylics. I admittedly use a ton of foam brushes, in addition to a lot of good palette knives, and a few really good brushes.

My paintings reflect a lifetime fascination with urban decay, peeling/cracking paint, rust, and distressed surfaces. I love searching through the tiniest details, finding hidden gems on objects as simple as a brick. My inspiration as an artist comes from this fascination, and many of my paintings attempt to recreate images I've captured over the years. Some of my favorite works look like they've been thrown off a balcony which I think is fantastic. Others are more user friendly and equally fantastic. A few of them now live above sofas or a piano, purchased by kindred spirits who will appreciate them as much as I do.

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